Why Advertising in a Recession is a Great Idea

Why Advertising in a Recession is a Great Idea - Gotham Industrial Marketing
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    1. Many companies tie their advertising to what competitors are doing. How could so many people have missed the “Would you jump off a bridge if others did?” speech from their mom. These “me too” companies will always struggle to get ahead of the competition because they are emulating others. The idea is to be different, market differently and grow market share as a result.

    2. During the Great Depression, two cereal makers dominated the market. Post and Kellogg’s entered the period with equal market share, Kellogg’s chose to continue advertising while Post cut back. Kellogg’s emerged from the Depression as the dominant market leader; a position they have not relinquished to this day.

    3. To grow market share, your company’s offering must be communicated in every economic climate.

    4. Many companies are cutting staff or going out of business altogether, which leaves their former clients are looking for new resources, like yours. Attrition can be a very good thing.

    5. There is less clutter in the communication channels. It’s much easier for your message to be heard when the competition is retreating.

    6. There are excellent deals to be found, particularly in media buys for print, broadcast and outdoor. These media outlets are hungry for advertising dollars.

    7. Businesses review everything in downturn- operations, personnel and vendor relationships. In a downturn, there is opportunity for your company to become that may not be available otherwise.

    8. Once the recession is over, your company will be positioned for continued success in the future.

    9. The Internet enables companies to advertise to an international market more affordably than ever. Take advantage of this cost-effective advertising solution.

    10. Money is still being spent. It’s a little harder to come by, but the world is still rotating. Go out and get your share!

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