Tell the Story of Your Products, Services and Brand Through Professional Video Marketing

Video is the most potent medium to communicate your company culture, differences, and services. The market best understands complex products through video. It’s a medium that offers higher memory retention than any other visual media. Google now owns YouTube and is the number one search engine. Your company should consistently produce and distribute relevant video content across all channels to separate your brand from the competition. Help your prospects and clients better understand who your company is, your values, and your place in the market—it’s how your company becomes the thought leader in your industry.

Buyers gain confidence in a product, brand, or company when they see it in action. Industrial purchasers use videos like any other consumer when searching for a specific product.

Our Services

Gotham is a full-service industrial marketing company that specializes in industrial video production and marketing. Our video services include the following:

  • Creative development
  • Scriptwriting 
  • Production management
  • Voice-overs 
  • Branded intros/outros
  • Background music
  • Editing 
  • Video graphics

Our Experience

We have over 30 years of experience telling our customer’s stories using video. We produce video content that aligns with your company’s mission and value proposition, then we build credibility by placing and distributing the video content not only on the company website but on all major, relevant social media channels. Properly managed, these social media channels route qualified leads back to your website. Our goal is to create more leads and increase customer acquisition, retention, conversions, and, ultimately, profitability. Consider Gotham for all your industrial video production and industrial video marketing needs.

Examples of Our Video Production and Marketing Services for Manufacturers


To request a quote for industrial video production and marketing, contact Gotham below. We look forward to providing custom video solutions to promote your company brand and vision.

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