Overnight Sofa, established in 1989, is a privately held company specializing exclusively in sleeper sofas and stationary loveseats designed for contemporary living. Located in Hickory, NC, Overnight desired to make their furniture more attractive to retailers and consumers with a custom furniture program.


Noticing the boom in customization popularity, Overnight Sofa desired an easy-to-follow, branded customization system for its line of sleeper sofas.


Gotham developed the program that ranged from logo and signage branding and print literature to managing the development of an interactive tool for furniture customization.

Using Overnight Sofa’s interactive iDezign program on the Overnight website or retail floor, customers can design their custom sleeper sofa in a wide variety of configurations and fabric styles. Once complete, the customer can print out and take their design to an Overnight Sofa retailer to price and order their custom sleeper sofa.

Overnight Sofa launched iDezign at the Furniture Market in High Point, NC, to resounding response. Overnight has enrolled 30 furniture retailers with over 100 store chains representing the custom sleeper program with over 1,000 units sold! The following year, the interactive web interface for iDezign was introduced, which offers a “What You See Is What You Get” opportunity to change fabrics, arms, and length of the sofa. The innovative iDezign program puts the creation of the sofa in the consumer’s hands and allows them to rotate it 360 degrees before purchase. Overnight Sofa expects even greater success in the future with the launch of the interactive iDezign component.

Markets Served:

  • Residential consumers
  • Furniture retailers

Services Provided:

  • iDezign name and branding
  • Showroom graphics
    • Large mural
    • Retractable banners
    • Floor stickers
  • Signage
  • Hang tags
  • Brochures
  • Fabric swatch covers
  • Mobile responsive website
  • Logo design
  • Warranty cards


We are thrilled with the results from the creation of iDezign, and all the creative ideas that went into the marketing of the program. With the recent roll out of the iDezign interactive page at Market we are seeing increased demand from retailers for the product. A word to manufacturers, do not underestimate the value of professional sales tools and materials. Retailers are dealing with many brands of manufacturers and an array of different messages including their own, for your product to succeed through the chaos you must invest in sales tools that speak to your target audience. Gotham was wonderful to work with. They made astute suggestions to improve the program and elevated our ideas. Everything was executed in a very professional manner. We have worked with Gotham for years, they are responsive and dedicated to providing great results.

Amy Johnson | President

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