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    Air Specialists, Inc (ASI), based in Marietta, Georgia, provides advanced material handling and assembly solutions to manufacturing companies across the Southeast. ASI’s team of skilled engineers and specialists review process operations and suggest machinery to increase safety, productivity, and profit for their customers while decreasing labor-intensive work.

    Markets Served:

    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Chemicals & allied products
    • Electronics
    • Food processing
    • Heavy equipment
    • Logistics equipment
    • Medical devices
    • Metal fabrication
    • Paper & allied products
    • Heavy truck/bus
    • Power distribution
    • Rubber & plastic products
    • Textile products
    • Recreation vehicles
    • Tractor/lawnmower
    • Packaging
    • Railroad

    Services Provided:

    • Marketing consulting
    • Strategic marketing planning
    • Website development
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Google paid search account setup and implementation
    • Brochure design
    • Display ad design
    • LinkedIn marketing
    • YouTube marketing/Video editing
    • Data scrape emails


    Air Specialists (ASI) is a successful company and has served manufacturers across the southeast since 1976. Most marketing efforts were piecemeal and unorganized. ASI contacted Gotham to build a comprehensive strategic marketing plan to bring focus and clarity to marketing messaging and tactics.


    As part of the strategic marketing plan, past ASI marketing materials were reviewed, as were the company’s primary competition to define the messaging approach. Following the recommendations within the strategy, ASI opted for a logo and communications rebrand, a new, regionally Search Optimized website, and a corporate brochure. Gotham launched multiple marketing tactics, including paid search text/display ads, enhanced video content via YouTube promotion, and LinkedIn marketing. Geographic areas were limited to the seven states that ASI serves to minimize waste and maximize results. Gotham helped ASI incorporate a CRM, purchase a focused marketing list, and managed a data scrape to discern decisionmaker names within each company. ASI has substantially increased web traffic, leads, brand awareness and sales.

    ASI Portfolio:

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    IMA Schelling





    Overnight Sofa


    Southern Glove


    "We offer material handling and ergonomic solutions to large industrial companies, and were interested in partnering with Gotham due to their deep experience in scaling up industrial businesses. Gotham’s team helped structure and refine our marketing with a comprehensive strategy, a new website, and a successful search engine advertising campaign. The results include higher search engine rankings, more leads generated, and improved top-line sales."

    Tim Bradigan
    President, Air Specialists, Inc.

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