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Day-to-day activities in a manufacturing environment often prevent thoughtful evaluation of an annual marketing program. There are deadlines, production flow and personnel issues – the list goes on…. Gotham effectively steps in as your marketing department providing marketing strategies for manufacturers that maximize dollars spent and improve lead quality. This process begins with an in depth understanding of the company, its history, product mix, market environment and competitive landscape. Logic is applied to form your strategy, and then we deliver powerful creative to drive return on investment.

Gotham has composed B2B marketing strategies for manufacturers across the world in a diversity of industries. If you are new to having an organized strategy, we can help you build one. We then can effectively manage all the deadlines and provide monthly reporting of marketing activities. If there is an existing marketing plan in place, we will review and improve it. What makes Gotham’s B2B marketing strategies for manufacturers tremendously effective is that we focus on data from your company, customers and competitors to refine the marketing mix. The result? Lower cost per lead and higher sales.

The Plan

These B2B marketing strategies range from $2,800 to $6,000 depending on your marketing budget and take 2-3 months to complete. Most marketing budgets we work with are from 50K to 500K a year. Once a plan is complete, it is refined year over year to strengthen results across the board.

No Long-term Contracts

We are happy to work with smaller industrial companies with limited marketing budgets. In this situation, there may not be enough budget to plan a year’s worth of tactics. We offer consulting services to improve sales. All our services are delivered without long-term contracts.

Move the Needle

Our clients appreciate our transparency, ease of communication and desire to help them “move the needle” on sales through strategic marketing planning. We are looking forward to getting to know your company better!

Strategic Marketing Services

Virtual Marketing Direction

MarketingGhost is a month-to month consultative service offered through Gotham to a limited amount of companies annually. All the services of a Marketing Director are provided by Gotham President Woody Stoudemire to for your company for a mere fraction of the cost of a full-time position. Services range from strategic planning, creative direction and media/budget management.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Organize your marketing for peak efficiency with a strategic marketing plan. Our marketing plans incorporate the opinions of key stakeholders, competitor reviews, market analysis and existing marketing critiques into a cohesive Go To Market strategy. These custom marketing strategies reflect the unique needs of each client.

New Product Launch Strategy

Gotham approaches all marketing challenges with an eye towards strategy first. This focus allows us to maximize the budget ROI for reach and impact of new product launches. New product launches are most effective if communicated with multiple tactics which may include search optimized press releases, editorials, blogs, trade advertising, display ads, press conferences at major trade shows, website spotlights and more.

Marketing Consultation

Whether you need help with a new product launch, want a professional to review an important PowerPoint presentation, or plan to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, Gotham will bring valuable expert marketing leadership to your company and your future. Marketing consultations may be delivered by phone, webcam, or in person according to your needs, and are billed monthly with no long-term obligation. We offer complete commitment to your success in gaining new customers, attracting repeat business and securing customer loyalty.

Customer Surveys

A periodic review of your customer’s perception of all facets of your business provides valuable marketing intelligence. Your customer’s will appreciate that you are interested in their input which positively impacts your brand. Ideas for future improvements to products and services, as well as valuable testimonials to use in marketing, may also be gained from this process.


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