During Hard Times, Smart Businesses Don’t Hide, They Thrive.

This was written and produced within 30 days of 9/11/2001 by Gotham and used as a self-promotional mailer.

During hard times, smart businesses don’t hide. They THRIVE.

In a down economy, visible companies enjoy the advantage of being accessible to buying customers while their competition can’t be found. Less clutter in advertising means your message beckons customers louder than ever. Many companies experience substantial growth during recessions and emerge stronger than ever, simply because they have the wisdom to employ an innovative marketing plan and stay the course.

Savvy business people realize sales will happen in 2002 but only for those who are proactive and have a well-conceived strategy that will enable them to endure and profit in the swirling storm of economic times ahead. Strategies, guidance and innovative marketing concepts are what the experts of Gotham have been providing our international client base with for over twelve years. We take existing budgets and make them more efficient. We become the marketing resource your company needs to demonstrate new ideas that stimulate sales. Our team can conceive single projects or comprehensive marketing strategies.

Hiding is a strategy. If that’s the course your business has chosen, we wish you luck.

We are seeking companies that believe they will flourish and even thrive, despite the current state of turmoil in the world. We welcome your call for a free consultation at 828.327.8099. We look forward to moving your company ahead of the rest.


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