The Importance of Case Studies in Manufacturing

While client testimonials can be powerful, they can sometimes be taken with a grain of salt. Case studies, however, provide a step by step demonstration of your capabilities, and more importantly, how they benefited a specific client. Well constructed and properly written case studies don’t just state that a customer was satisfied, it shows how you satisfied them. They are equally as effective for B2B and B2C manufacturers.

Here are some tips and tricks for creating compelling case studies for manufacturers.

Start with Client Goals. 

This demonstrates you were listening and understood what the client wanted to accomplish. Make sure the goals are explained so that prospects can relate to them. “Their goal was to have us produce an innovative widget they could sell at a competitive price without spending a lot of money on engineering.” The reader should not only be able to relate to the goals but they should be somewhat impressed with how lofty or challenging the goals were. 

Explain How Your Company Addressed those Goals.

What steps were taken to help the client company reach those goals? Where did you, as a manufacturer, provide value added services? Where were you uniquely qualified to assist them? What barriers did you fight through to help them achieve their goals?

What Were the Results? 

How did the project turn out? Percentages can be a good tool here. “We produced widgets at 7% less than their previous supplier and they experienced a 12% increase in total sales.” Be sure to frame the results in language that is as powerful and impressive. If it is a large client, dollars can gain attention. With smaller client case studies you should stay with percentages.

Provide Enough Statistics to be Convincing.

A case study can go badly if the information is not couched in the most effective way possible and if there isn’t enough material to make a convincing case.

Don’t Exaggerate or Overstate Your Case. 

Effective case studies can be generated with even modest success. There should be no need to overstate your abilities or the results. Look for examples where you provided exceptional value and emphasize those areas.

A Case Study is a Part of your Overall Marketing. 

It should be visually be consistent with your other marketing pieces and the language used should reflect your company’s personality. A case study is marketing tool that works in concert with your other marketing efforts. Make sure it is presented in a professional manner with appealing graphics.

If you have not used case studies to propel your business, or are unsure how they can benefit you, contact the industrial marketers at Gotham. Since 1989, we’ve been helping manufacturers capture more market share, increase sales and improve profits through data driven integrated marketing campaigns.

Does your manufacturing company have a success story to tell? Let us help you share them through powerful case studies written by Gotham.

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