Smarter Marketing: Leveraging Google Analytics

Smarter Marketing: Leveraging Google Analytics - Gotham Industrial Marketing
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    Ever wondered why your leads are thin, or your close rate isn’t happening for the leads you do receive?

     Google Analytics is a free website resource that monitors websites, allowing you to gain valuable insight into your audience.  Discover traffic sources, visitors’ demographics, which pages they visit and which cause them to exit. With this marketing intelligence, you’re able to improve areas of the site that are weak.

    Products and services on pages that are trending upward can be relayed to the sales force to act upon.

    By monitoring the traffic and the audience location, a more accurate connection can be made to the target audience. This powerful insight may influence the creation of your next marketing campaign.

    One of the most valuable assets to Analytics is measurement of any digital campaign and whether the visits from those mediums are cost effective.

    Some of the top reports we recommend adding to your Dashboard include:

    • Content – identify your most viewed pages
    • Traffic Sources – find out how people are finding your website (search engines, PPC, referrals, etc.)
    • Social – which social media platforms are sending you the most traffic
    • Conversions – set up and monitor conversion goals to directly relate visits to leads and online sales
    • Technology – learn which devices are used most to view your site – whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.
    • Demographics – understand the age, gender and geographic locations of your visitors

    Google Analytics allows you to see the entire picture, monitor metrics and ensure your marketing efforts are yielding positive results.  The various reports pinpoint exactly what needs to be updated and also what’s working well—taking the guesswork away from your next marketing strategy. It can be a powerful weapon that leads to higher ROI, more conversions and keen insights.

    To have Google Analytics installed on your website or your existing web results reviewed and analyzed, contact Gotham.

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