The New 21st Century Sales Strategy

The New 21st Century Sales Strategy - Gotham Industrial Marketing
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    We’re living in the digital age. Traditional marketing methods for selling industrial products are being replaced with digital marketing strategies that embrace evolving technologies. But the replacements don’t stop with your marketing department.

    Even traditional sales strategies are receiving an upgrade with the emergence of new tactics. Long gone are the days where you have to spend all day trying to find customers. Today, through the use of new sales techniques, customers have the information and technology to find you.

    An Overview of the New Way of Selling Industrial Products

    21st century selling puts the buying power into the hands of the consumer. This is great news for industrial businesses, because they don’t have to spend as many resources manually tracking down cold leads. Today’s sales funnel would look something like this:

    • Prospect uses search engine to find solution for a need
    • They find your industrial website due to SEO or news releases
    • Your website educates them and provides a solution
    • They reach out to you, ready to discuss a buying decision

    Seems much easier, doesn’t it? By the time a prospect reaches out to you, they’re near the bottom of the funnel. That makes the sales department’s job much easier.

    Tips to Succeed With the New Way of Selling

    When it comes to this new type of sales funnel strategy, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

    • Test Your Sales Funnel: Digital marketing analytics provides metrics like time on site, bounce rate and other key metrics. Monitor these on a regular basis to find gaps in your sales process and improve the overall funnel.
    • Understand Conversion: The marketing and sales departments work closely to make the sales funnel successful. It’s important to understand the conversion rate. This is based off how many visitors visit the site vs. how many become paying customers.
    • Make Conversion Simple: Your contact information should be easy to spot on the website. The easier you make it, the more likely a prospect is to convert into a customer.
    • Develop a CRM Protocol: Leads won’t convert right away. It’s important to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) protocol in place to rank leads by importance and follow up in a timely manner.
    By investing in this new type of sales strategy, you can dramatically increase your leads, conversion rate and overall revenue. Don’t get left behind. Invest in a powerful marketing strategy that will work in this new way of selling your industrial products.

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