Manufacturing Better Prospects Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important component to every manufacturing website. Many web designers are capable of crafting a great-looking website that offers a high-quality user experience. These same designers may offer SEO implementation as an additional revenue stream to benefit themselves, but it’s seldom done correctly. In fact, the vast majority of website reviews we do for our B2B prospects reveal that, even when SEO was requested and paid for, either it was done incorrectly or sometimes it was not done at all!

SEO drives the best-quality web visits for the industrial products and services you most want to sell. It helps your company rank high in search engine results without the need to pay for placement. Prospects visiting your site via organic search are more engaged. They will stay on the site longer, visit more pages, and are more likely to convert through a contact form or phone call.

Here are a few tips to drive more organic traffic to your manufacturing website:

The rules and algorithms of SEO are constantly being changed by leading search engines, making it an art form that requires study and vigilance to be correctly embedded on a website. If your site isn’t using white hat SEO or ethical principles, your site could be penalized, resulting in lower search engine rankings.

Thank you for your time today! If you would like a complimentary SEO review of your industrial website, contact us today. Gotham offers 30 years of marketing experience for our manufacturing clients.


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