Making Your Trade Show Booth the Star of the Show

Making Your Trade Show Booth the Star of the Show - Gotham Industrial Marketing
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    So many people, so much competition, and so little time to make an impression: this is the atmosphere of the trade show.  It’s confusing, complex, and constraining.  So why do so many businesses choose to participate in them? Because it’s the best chance to have face time with the greatest amount of potential customers in one place. It’s a great opportunity to meet the decision-makers.  In fact, 87% of industrial trade show attendees are the purchasing decision-makers for their companies.

    Your goal is to attract these decision-makers to your booth.  And, in an age of 3-D graphic capabilities, advanced visual lighting effects, and digital technology, it’s not hard to bring the kind of bling to your booth that will draw conference visitors.  Some show-stoppers for your industrial trade show booth design include:

    • Large Custom Signage – Make it colorful, concise, and clear so everyone knows who you are and what you’re selling. A booth theme that can be seen from a distance will add to the glamour, intrigue and memorability of your booth.
    • Lighting the Stage – Create a total environmental experience with visual lighting effects. This means overriding the glare of existing fluorescent venue lights by backlighting your display or intensely spotlighting your product.
    • Make it Interactive – Engage visitors with digital interactivity installations, such as tablets or wall mounted and table-top touch screens.  Interactive activities are useful for heavy machinery that isn’t appearing at the show.
    • Backlit projection units are unique and can tell your story at the aisle and draw the audience inside the booth.
    • Doing scheduled presentations with a speaker and projection screens allow you to take advantage of a captive audience.
    • Movement, sound and pleasant aromas emanating from your booth serve to draw people to you.

    Add to these a nice open space, with knowledgeable, friendly salespeople and your trade show booth will be the star of the show!  Just don’t forget the post show follow up to “close the deal!”

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