It’s easy to assume everyone understands the inherent difference between marketing to businesses (business to business, or B2B) and marketing to consumers (business to consumer, or B2C), especially if you’re on the inside of the marketing industry, neck-deep in the process every day.

Here’s a brief rundown of the differences between B2B marketing – with a focus on industrial marketing – and B2C marketing, which caters primarily to retail.

B2C – Persuading Consumer to Purchase Something From A Business

A company marketing primarily to consumers – like Wal-Mart, Ford, or the local deli – have some basic marketing foundations they can rely on when building their campaigns:

B2B – Persuading a Business to Purchase Something From Another Business

Unlike B2C companies, B2B companies – like Murata, IBM, and Schelling – have to approach their marketing very differently:

Both B2B and B2C Marketing

There are some aspects of the marketing equation that remain constant across both disciplines:

There’s certainly no “better or worse” kind of marketing.  But they’re completely different animals.  And trouble arises when a B2B company spends a ton of money trying to successfully apply B2C marketing tactics.

If you’re considering your marketing strategy for the upcoming quarter, be sure you’re able to identify the tactics that have proven themselves effective for the market you’re trying to reach, then start applying creativity and experience to your strategy.

If your campaign is executed strategically, the end result is bound to be successful.

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