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How To Grow U.S. Market Share in Manufacturing
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    Expanding into North America
    Many foreign businesses recognize the importance of a physical presence in the North American market. The world’s largest economy won’t wait for delivery delays or communication breakdowns that can occur ordering products from overseas. Lean manufacturing demands that products and support be readily accessible. Once a North American based satellite is established and staffed, it needs to be properly promoted for success.

    Gotham has worked with companies in both Europe and Asia to reorganize and adapt the messaging of their marketing communication for the North American marketplace. In every instance, product inquiries have increased exponentially as those companies increase their
    business in the Americas and Canada.

    Begin With a Great First Impression
    Today, a single email or web page can reach people around the world within a few seconds of hitting “enter” on a keyboard. International manufacturers who desire to communicate a new product launch or recruit new customers now have access to tools that were unavailable 20 years ago.

    However, while technology has created a single online community, a manufacturer’s customers have to do business within unique cultural dynamics and national communities. What is important to a customer in Japan or Austria may not be the same as what is important to a customer in the United States, South America or Canada. And, even if those needs are similar, smart marketers still approach customers in these regions with unique messages and tactics. This is especially true when a marketing campaign needs to use creative or humorous images and copy. Cultural differences alter how people perceive messages and, if not handled appropriately, can result in poor marketing material and – even worse – an offensive campaign that alienates prospects. Hiring a North American marketing agency, like Gotham LLC, helps a manufacturer avoid common problems and ensure more targeted and effective communication with potential customers.

    Building Local Relationships and Leveraging Market Knowledge
    Strong marketing starts with an understanding of the target audience. Even companies that have a local sales force or engineering team in North America need professionals that understand local cultures, customers, media and industries. An experienced, national agency like Gotham offers value in many ways that marketers working across national borders cannot, including:

    • Strong relationships with media, industry associations and trade show organizations.
    • An understanding of best practices to reach audiences in North America.
    • The ability to work in real time without concern for time zones.
    • The ability to develop or interpret marketing materials as a native of the country.
    • A better understanding of national economics and politics.

    Keeping the Focus on the Company’s Message
    Engaging the right marketing agency specifically focused on the North American market ensures that regional activity always meets global objectives. Gotham uses a proprietary six step program, called LAUNCH, to develop regional marketing programs consistent with a company’s overall strategic vision. Those steps include Listen, Analyze, Understand, Narrow, Create and Hatch.

    Strategic implementation of the LAUNCH process means that Gotham can effectively act as a regional extension in North America for an international company. Agency marketing experts gain the knowledge they need to execute the most effective – and efficient – program possible.

    Understanding Return on Investment
    All of these factors help maximize return on marketing investment, while still implementing marketing programs that resonate with customers and support business goals. Gotham has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating time consuming – unnecessary – problems.

    Here’s how Gotham improves marketing return on investment:

    • Quality Control and Assurance. Marketing communication should always be developed with local customers and cultures in mind. By approaching these initiatives with knowledge of the North American markets from the beginning, Gotham will produce marketing materials that more effectively protect branding integrity.
    • Eliminating Redundancies. Likewise, the national approach means that there is less likelihood that materials will have to be redone or eliminated entirely.
    • Only Using the Necessary Resources. Gotham differs from other agencies in the scope of the services offered. We can help a company with short-term strategic consultations or provide ongoing comprehensive marketing support.
    • Maximizing Time and Budget. Without the difficulties of time zone, language or cultural issues, Gotham can make better use of resources while executing an effective marketing program.
    • Measurement and Reporting. Gotham excels at developing measurable analytics to gauge campaign performance.
    • Experience. Since 1989, Gotham has helped manufacturers in diverse industries build profit and revenue through strategically planned campaigns.

    Is One Website Good Enough for Global Audiences?
    Some exporting manufacturers believe that electronic communication has eliminated the need for local marketing communications support in other countries – that cultural differences are not as wide as many believe. In truth, they are wider. How people consume media comes directly from their culture. A website that speaks directly to the American audience provides a significant competitive advantage for foreign manufacturing entities.

    Strategically Approach the American Market for Sales Success
    Gotham can help by tailoring the message for the North American, South American and Canadian marketplaces, improving readability in English and reorganizing the navigation tools to better align with North American standards and preferences. The same concept applies to brochures, ads, videos, photography and most other marketing materials.

    No matter how big or small the business, manufacturers looking to expand or improve the way they do business in North America and Canada will benefit from engaging a national marketing communication agency for support.

    To learn more about how Gotham can provide that support, visit or call 828.327.8099 x 800.

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