How to Cut the Fat from Your B2B Marketing Program

In the B2B arena, the concept of lean marketing parallels continuous improvement in manufacturing operations. Agility and responsiveness separate effective industrial marketing from fixed marketing plans. As opposed to a predetermined twelve-month strategy, lean marketing is dynamic and data driven. The goal is to perpetually strive for continuous improvement in messaging strategy and prospect engagement. In essence, lean marketing helps industrial companies enhance sales results and return on ad spend.

As marketing communication has become more dependent on delivery through technology, it is easily tracked via analytics. This dynamic is an ideal fit for lean marketing. Messages and visuals can be tested for engagement and modified to enhance response. The lean process offers more flexibility to change on the fly and offers enhanced return on ad spend.

Prior to lean marketing, advertising was guesstimated based on internal corporate input and past purchasing behavior. The problem with this methodology is that, without measurement, improvement isn’t possible. Lean marketing closely aligns messages to customer preferences and engagement via data analysis. The results of these efforts reflect the foundation of lean marketing—continuous improvement in the pursuit of perfection.

With a lean marketing strategy, any effort to market your brand digitally should be measurable for data-driven decision-making. These channels may include pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, banner ads, and email campaigns. Most of these tactics provide detailed metrics about audience behavior including referring links, open rates, click-through rates, and more.

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