How Outbound Marketing Builds Your Brand

How Outbound Marketing Builds Your Brand - Gotham Industrial Marketing
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    While “inbound marketing” which involves pulling prospects to a website is currently the hot trend, traditional advertising and marketing methods continue to produce results. These tactics that have worked for generations are now called “outbound marketing.”

    Outbound marketing involves anything your company does to project your message outward.

    This may include:

    • marketing strategies
    • advertising in various media channels
    • sales presentations
    • direct mail
    • public relations
    • brochures
    • e-mail marketing
    • trade shows

    Taken collectively, these outbound tactics are released strategically and incorporate consistency in design, messaging and purpose to elicit an emotional response from the prospect.

    Outbound marketing is focused on “pushing” a message to an audience. Purchasing behavior is rooted in emotion, not logic. With this in mind, messaging is designed to directly appeal to the broad mindset of the audience.

    Skillfully applied, outbound marketing enhances brand awareness, imprinting a powerful mental picture in the audience’s mind. Emotionally compelling benefits influence prospects to purchase your products and services. With patience, strategic branding efforts should lead to increased market share and higher ROI.

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