The Importance of Experience in Marketing

The Importance of Experience in Marketing - Gotham Industrial Marketing
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    New marketing tools are created and abandoned every day.

    New channels for message distribution appear and skyrocket in popularity, only to fizzle just as fast. 

    New companies appear, shine brightly for a few months or years, then disappear.

    While marketing seems to be a young, constantly evolving industry – and it is, to an extent – the fact is that 99% of what actually works in marketing today is simply a new variation on a very old theme:

    • Make a great product or provide a great service
    • Differentiate the product or service from competitors
    • Offer it at an acceptable price
    • Identify targeted purchasers and make sure it is available where they shop
    • Announce it to targeted buyers and engage them on an emotional level

    This is why marketers and companies that have survived over the long-term warrant your attention.  They’ve proven that they know how to achieve Return on Investment over and over again despite variations in product, industry, economy, and current flavor-of-the-month marketing tools available.

    These experienced marketing professionals can stay on top of trends in their own industry, because they’re experts at staying on top of trends in their clients’ industries.  And combining the two is where the real magic happens.

    They know that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach or solution.

    They also realize that tools and tactics may come and go, but the underlying principles of human psychology don’t change.  So, while they will hone their skills in trendy new methods that make sense, they’ll keep their eyes on the big picture too, taking a holistic approach to helping their clients.

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    Don’t get too caught up in the flavor-of-the-month, and don’t let your marketing team get caught either.  And if you need the help of an experienced marketing team who’s been there and done that, contact Gotham and we’ll discuss your marketing challenges.

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