Building a Sales and Marketing Machine

Building a Sales and Marketing Machine
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    Early in the life cycle of a business, the owner may be responsible for all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, production, and accounting. As the enterprise grows, this becomes unsustainable and limits cash flow.  Some responsibilities need to be outsourced to permit the enterprise to grow beyond the capabilities of a single person.

    Having adequate cash flow enables investment to grow the business, meet payroll, and the hiring of ancillary services such as legal and accounting experts. To ensure a strong cash flow, a growing company’s goal should be to build a “marketing machine” that works day and night to generate the right prospects and increase sales. To maximize effectiveness, this should be a combined effort between marketing automation and sales outreach.

    The process of building an effective marketing machine should include:

    • Goal setting
    • Developing an ideal customer persona
    • Messaging refinement
    • Strategy
    • Coordinated sales outreach
    • Measuring and refining strategy based on results

    Another great way to build a marketing machine is to engage in online marketing for manufacturers, including ongoing content creation and distribution on both your website and social media channels. Support this effort with an ongoing pay-per-click program that helps your ads appear on page one of search engines. This will help communicate your offering to a focused demographic and a specific geographic location to attract the best prospects for your business.

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    Written by Woody Stoudemire
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