You can use and leverage video in a variety of ways. It’s a medium that allows for creative liberty and compelling storytelling.

In the manufacturing world, video is becoming more and more popular among consumers. Statistics show that this popularity will continue to rise. That means industrial companies should start preparing for video marketing.

These 7 tips will help get you started with this engaging marketing tactic.

1. Choose the Right Keywords

We’re seeing more and more YouTube videos show up in search results. Companies should choose the right keywords for their videos in the same way they do for other forms of content. It’s a simple way to rank for keywords you may not have been able to otherwise.

2. Show How to Use Your Product

Many manufacturers sell products that are too large to deliver to customers for a demo. But now you can use video to reinforce key product features and showcase the benefits of your products.

3. Use Branding in Videos

Invest in strong branding. This keeps your company image consistent, but also brings brand awareness for viewers that don’t know your brand. Things like custom intros and outros are great ways to brand your videos.

4. Hire a Professional Team

You need to produce high-quality video. This means hiring a professional production team to help you create it. But it can also mean investing in on-screen talent if you don’t have anyone in-house that feels comfortable on camera.

5. Stand Out With Interesting Techniques

Technology brings new and exciting things to the world of marketing. Drones can capture footage for your shoots with engaging flyovers. New wearable technology will open doors for new video perspectives as well.

6. Keep it Under 5 Minutes

People don’t have long attention spans, especially in the online world. Keep your videos under 5 minutes. That’s plenty of time to tell a good story without boring the customer.

7. Share With Your Audience

The sky’s the limit with video marketing. If you create something compelling and engaging, it could go viral and bring tons of awareness for your brand.

Apply these seven tips next time you produce a video for your company. And don’t forget to share this article on social media! Every business deserves to understand the power of video marketing.

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