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This year Gotham, LLC is celebrating our 20th year of providing marketing, advertising and public relations to our business-to-business clients. Although the economy is extremely challenging, 2008 was our best year ever. We are committed to making 2009 another stellar year by focusing on operations and providing the highest level of service we can to our existing clients. Most of our clients realize that more now than ever they need our expertise in clear communications and strategic critical thinking.

Last year, we rolled out an innovative concept called X-Factor Web Marketing, which blends public relations with Search Engine Optimization ( to help company’s reach the top of a random search. This concept became so successful among clients hungry for measurable Return On Investment we have now spun it off as a separate company.

We all need to remember that a recession is a temporary phenomenon. Those who market will emerge stronger than those who don’t. I also believe that the business climate since 2001 hasn’t been all that great. It will take persistence, strong will and focused leadership to fight through this recession.

What could you say about yourself in 30 seconds that would sound memorable but not “needy”? Create a good sound bite that communicates your personal brand. This concise but comprehensive personal summary is often referred to as the “elevator speech” because you have a limited amount of time in which to deliver it.

The elevator speech should identify who you are, provide a unique and memorable fact, explain what you do, why you’re good at it, and how a business could benefit from your skills and experience. Remember, you have 30 seconds.

For example, if you’re an experienced truck driver with a background in logistics, you might say:
“Hi, I’m Tom Trucker. I’m a professional truck driver and logistics expert. I started out in the logistics field planning efficient truck delivery routes for a major company. I transitioned to driving cross-country truck routes 10 years ago. I’ve probably transported more live chickens back and forth on old Route 66 than anyone in the business! Still, I love having been on both sides of the fence, since it’s given me an understanding of both planning and executing transportation logistics in a variety of business settings.”

You’ve established that you’re a trucking expert, given them relevant background, provided a memorable fact – Route 66, and branded yourself as a professional and dedicated trucking/logistics product.

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