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One of the biggest mistakes in industrial product marketing is not identifying or describing your products or services to the customer. Keep your descriptions simple and understandable for the greatest marketing success.


Rather than trying to be all things to all people, find your niche. To get ahead, focus on your strengths, what you do best, and how you are different from the competition.


Find your target audience and gear your marketing plan to that audience. Marketing to a defined group allows you to better control how your message is received.


Too often, businesses focus their marketing toward bringing in new customers rather than capturing repeat business.

By building relationships with your current customer base, you generate brand loyalty and longevity and save marketing dollars. It typically costs four times more to recruit a new customer than to retain an existing one.


Timing is everything when it comes to marketing. Planning your B2B industrial marketing campaigns in advance allows you to generate greater interest and better target your audience for seasonal sales, new products and services.


Continuously using the same marketing format, such as print only, limits your creativity when it comes to promoting your business and product. Get out of the marketing rut and discover new ways to promote your marketing message.


No matter how fantastic your service or product may be, the message you send out says it all. Make sure that your headlines have impact and that your copy is loaded with benefits, not just features.


Don’t encourage your customers to follow blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts if you’re never going to use them.  Commit to regularly refreshing your entries and posts with exciting updates, offers and news for your customers.


If your budget is limited, evaluate the use of your marketing dollars and see where they can best be spent. Create campaigns where customer responses can be tracked, measured and analyzed through resources such as Google Analytics.


Getting the word out is simple with print and web marketing available today, but enticing the reader to go the next step in contacting your company can be tough. Creating a dynamic call to action with phrases such as “Download Now, Click Here, Receive Free Tips, and While Supplies Last” generates excitement and motivation while increasing your chances of turning a prospect into a customer.

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While client testimonials can be powerful, they can sometimes be taken with a grain of salt. Case studies, however, provide a step by step demonstration of your capabilities, and more importantly, how they benefited a specific client. Well constructed and properly written case studies don’t just state that a customer was satisfied, it shows how you satisfied them. They are equally as effective for B2B and B2C manufacturers.

Here are some tips and tricks for creating compelling case studies for manufacturers.

Start with Client Goals. 

This demonstrates you were listening and understood what the client wanted to accomplish. Make sure the goals are explained so that prospects can relate to them. “Their goal was to have us produce an innovative widget they could sell at a competitive price without spending a lot of money on engineering.” The reader should not only be able to relate to the goals but they should be somewhat impressed with how lofty or challenging the goals were. 

Explain How Your Company Addressed those Goals.

What steps were taken to help the client company reach those goals? Where did you, as a manufacturer, provide value added services? Where were you uniquely qualified to assist them? What barriers did you fight through to help them achieve their goals?

What Were the Results? 

How did the project turn out? Percentages can be a good tool here. “We produced widgets at 7% less than their previous supplier and they experienced a 12% increase in total sales.” Be sure to frame the results in language that is as powerful and impressive. If it is a large client, dollars can gain attention. With smaller client case studies you should stay with percentages.

Provide Enough Statistics to be Convincing.

A case study can go badly if the information is not couched in the most effective way possible and if there isn’t enough material to make a convincing case.

Don’t Exaggerate or Overstate Your Case. 

Effective case studies can be generated with even modest success. There should be no need to overstate your abilities or the results. Look for examples where you provided exceptional value and emphasize those areas.

A Case Study is a Part of your Overall Marketing. 

It should be visually be consistent with your other marketing pieces and the language used should reflect your company’s personality. A case study is marketing tool that works in concert with your other marketing efforts. Make sure it is presented in a professional manner with appealing graphics.

If you have not used case studies to propel your business, or are unsure how they can benefit you, contact the industrial marketers at Gotham. Since 1989, we’ve been helping manufacturers capture more market share, increase sales and improve profits through data driven integrated marketing campaigns.

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According to a recent survey provided by TMG Custom Media & Marketing Tech Blog, 61% of consumers said that they feel better about a company that delivers custom content on a consistent basis.

That’s an impressive statistic.

With every passing day, it’s becoming more and more important to invest in content. The value it brings businesses of all industries is clear.

By ignoring the statistics, companies fall further and further behind their competitors.

Content Marketing:

Helps With Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like to see dynamic websites. That means that you need to keep it updated with new, valuable content. If your website isn’t changing, then Google may see it as an abandoned property that’s no longer relevant.

Content marketing keeps fresh content flowing, which indicates that you’re offering continued value to search engine users. And that can lead to higher rankings.

Educates Prospects and Builds Trust

People buy from those that they know, like and trust. By delivering educational content that provides solutions to your prospect’s problems, you’re building that trust.

It shows that you’re invested in their success. And when people feel like you’ve invested in them, they’re more willing to invest in you.

Creates Industry Authority

When you’re offering valuable, educational content, readers will start to see you as the expert. This positions your company as the industry authority, which can lead to increased brand awareness and revenue.

If you want to be a leader and beat competitors, content marketing can help you achieve it.

Caters to the Customer’s Needs

People don’t like to feel like they’re being sold something. Consumers want to feel in control of the situation and make our own decision. In the case of social media, people linked to your page desire message updates.

And that’s why content works well.

It gives the control back to the customer. They can learn about your company, expertise and services via the content you publish. Then they can make the decision to contact you and purchase from your company.

Are you invested in content marketing? Don’t fall any further behind. Make the leap and reap the benefits that this valuable marketing technique can bring!


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