Lead Generation

The New 21st Century Sales Strategy

  We’re living in the digital age. Traditional marketing methods for selling industrial products are being replaced with digital marketing strategies that embrace evolving technologies. But the replacements don’t stop with your marketing department. Even traditional sales strategies are receiving an upgrade with the emergence of new tactics. Long gone are the days where you have to spend all day trying to find customers. Today, through the use of new sales techniques, customers have the information and technology to find you. An Overview of the New Way of Selling Industrial Products 21st century selling puts the buying power into the hands Read More

6 Steps to Maximize Trade Show Success

Industrial B2B marketers often invest more in trade show marketing than any other medium. Why? Because the opportunity for interpersonal access and influence to ideal customers is optimized. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) provides insightful statistics about marketing effectiveness among trade show visitors: 88% have not spoken to your sales staff in the past 12 months. 76% say the trade show influenced buying decisions. 64% talk about the event with at least six other people. 76% requested a quote from a company. 26% signed purchase orders at the show. Like most good things in life, trade show success Read More

Hit the Bullseye with Target Marketing

Mass marketing is not as effective as it once was. It had its heyday when we had a choice of three major channels on TV and limited options for mass media otherwise. We’re all but immune to the huge campaigns that bombard us from every angle, especially since we know that the same message is going out to millions of people and it has little or nothing to do with us. But, when personal correspondence is received, we immediately take notice, because it involves us as individuals. Target Marketing leverages personalization by delivering a marketing message so perfectly focused on Read More

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