25 Years and Counting…..

Wow! This year, Gotham is celebrating a quarter-century in the marketing business. A flood of memories – good and bad – return to me as I wax nostalgic about this long journey, but the word that sums it all up for me is gratitude. First, I owe gratitude to God for blessing me with a creative gift, and to my parents, Mackie and Stewart, both artists who nurtured the creativity in me. Beyond that, I owe gratitude to too many people to name in this blog. If you have worked with the team at Gotham, thank you. If you have Read More

How Outbound Marketing Builds Your Brand

While “inbound marketing” which involves pulling prospects to a website is currently the hot trend, traditional advertising and marketing methods continue to produce results. These tactics that have worked for generations are now called “outbound marketing.” Outbound marketing involves anything your company does to project your message outward. This may include: marketing strategies advertising in various media channels sales presentations direct mail public relations brochures e-mail marketing trade shows Taken collectively, these outbound tactics are released strategically and incorporate consistency in design, messaging and purpose to elicit an emotional response from the prospect. Outbound marketing is focused on “pushing” a Read More

Wasp Catchers: A Case in Point on the 4 Ps of Marketing

  Recently, I was in an antique store in Lenoir, NC. looking for a unique gift for my wife. While the store had some interesting artifacts, I really didn’t find anything that flipped my switch. My daughter Maggie, however, did find something she wanted to purchase. Ambling up to the cashier to pay, something overhead caught my eye. Looking up, I saw this really cool-looking glass contraption. The object resembled a bee hive and had a lid sporting a wasp on top. There was a reservoir at the bottom to hold liquid. As my curiosity about the piece grew, I Read More

Industrial B2B vs. Traditional B2C Marketing – Completely Different Animals

It’s easy to assume everyone understands the inherent difference between marketing to businesses (business to business, or B2B) and marketing to consumers (business to consumer, or B2C), especially if you’re on the inside of the marketing industry, neck deep in the process every day.  Here’s a brief rundown of the differences between B2B marketing – with a focus on industrial marketing– and B2C marketing, which caters primarily to retail. B2C – Persuading Consumer to Purchase Something From A Business A company marketing primarily to consumers – like Wal-Mart, Ford, or the local deli – have some basic marketing foundations they Read More

Making Your Trade Show Booth the Star of the Show

So many people, so much competition, and so little time to make an impression: this is the atmosphere of the trade show.  It’s confusing, complex, and constraining.  So why do so many businesses choose to participate in them? Because it’s the best chance to have face time with the greatest amount of potential customers in one place. It’s a great opportunity to meet the decision-makers.  In fact, 87% of industrial trade show attendees are the purchasing decision-makers for their companies. Your goal is to attract these decision-makers to your booth.  And, in an age of 3-D graphic capabilities, advanced visual Read More

During Hard Times, Smart Businesses Don’t Hide, They Thrive.

This was written and produced within 30 days of 9/11/2001 by Gotham and used as a self-promotional mailer. During hard times, smart businesses don’t hide. They THRIVE. In a down economy, visible companies enjoy the advantage of being accessible to buying customers while their competition can’t be found. Less clutter in advertising means your message beckons customers louder than ever. Many companies experience substantial growth during recessions and emerge stronger than ever, simply because they have the wisdom to employ an innovative marketing plan and stay the course. Savvy business people realize sales will happen in 2002 but only for Read More

Why Your Company Needs (and Wants) an Intranet

I can see you cringe already. “Another website? It’s enough work taking care of the one we’ve got! And don’t get me started about Facebook and Twitter!” It’s true that businesses today need to invest far more time in their digital face – company website, social media, and online content marketing – than we did even five years ago. And, no doubt, time is one of your most valuable commodities. So how could you possibly benefit from adding another site to that mix? Well, here’s how: It’s not really in that mix. It’s above the mix. A company intranet is Read More

What is Search Engine Optimization?

If “SEO” pops up in conversations regarding Internet marketing and you’re not clear on the meaning, you’re not alone. SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is a key element for the promotion of a website. Search engines in general are the “Index of the Internet,” searching billions of pages for the key words you have selected and ranking the pages in order of relevance. Search engines “crawl” websites seeking keywords and Meta tags hidden within your website and categorizing each one. Every time someone does an online search, the search engine is able to refer back to Read More

Narrow Your Market

There are two things you can do to vastly improve your marketing program. First, define what your company is great at. That will be your core competency. Then, delineate the factors that differentiate your product or service from the competition. By defining core competency and communicating the differences between your company and competitors, you are creating a “brand platform.” A brand is your promise to the prospect, so you need to live it and breath it internally, and you must back it by action. Defining and claiming your brand is more vital today than ever, because virtually all prospects now Read More

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