Build Brand Perception Surveys to Enhance Customer Loyalty and Grow Sales

Do you know with certainty what your target audience truly thinks, feels, or believes regarding your brand, products, and/or services? Would the truth about these things change the way your products are promoted, or would you even modify the products you make and sell? Surveying your customers and prospects will yield specific data and critical insights that can be used to build and grow brand awareness, perception, and customer loyalty, thus positively impacting the bottom line. First, let’s unpack what exactly a brand perception survey is. These surveys include polling your customers and prospects with open-ended questions regarding what they Read More

7 Tips for Powerful Video Marketing

You can use and leverage video in a variety of ways. It’s a medium that allows for creative liberty and compelling storytelling. In the manufacturing world, video is becoming more and more popular among consumers. Statistics show that this popularity will continue to rise. That means industrial companies should start preparing for video marketing. These 7 tips will help get you started with this engaging marketing tactic. 1. Choose the Right Keywords We’re seeing more and more YouTube videos show up in search results. Companies should choose the right keywords for their videos in the same way they do for Read More

7 Ways to Promote New Industrial Products

So, you’re about to release a new industrial product and you want to make some sales? In order to maximize your launch, you need to create a strong marketing strategy. It will guide your marketing efforts and ensure that you get the biggest bang possible. When it comes to promoting new industrial products, here are 7 core tactics for the campaign. 1. Develop Engaging eBlasts When someone opts in to your email list, this is called “permission based marketing”. It’s a way to get your message in front of people who want to hear from you. Develop an engaging, custom email Read More

5 Factors of a Strong Company Brand

People judge your business on the perception you provide. By definition, perception means: “The ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses.” Every interaction with your company contributes to the overall perception or “brand” a customer has about your business. If you want to create a strong company image, you must understand how to show and communicate your strengths in every facet. At the end of the day, brand consistency is king.

Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers

Social Media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google + and YouTube are just a sampling of platforms for promotion of industrial products and services. Social media is an affordable way to market, meets prospects where they spend time, demonstrates company culture and is measurable. Social media marketing for manufacturers requires diverse content that engages the market with inspirational creativity. And when you can accomplish that, you’ll see success with social efforts. Let’s review a few ways that manufacturers can make an impact with social media marketing. Offer Product Training With Video    The B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North Read More

The Importance of Having a Fresh, Updated Website Design

  Everything on the Internet is a visual experience. If your manufacturing website isn’t constructed with up-to-date design standards, prospects will have a bad experience. And much like in brick-and-mortar scenarios, you don’t want anyone to feel this way about your company. That’s why it’s so important to have a fresh, mobile-friendly updated website design every three to four years. You don’t want prospects visiting your website, only to believe that you can’t provide a quality service or product because you don’t have a quality website. A quality website design does a few things for a business, including: Establishing a great Read More

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